The Line

A 70-foot long snow fence and an outdoor projection on a 200-year-old barn

In the Air, Tonight

Multimodal amplification of the issue of homelessness

E Tower

Participants experienced the sum of their collective actions on massive scale

30 Moons Many Hands

A large-scale projection that explored our perception of the historical archive as it acquires new dimensions through digital tools of access and presentation

Community-based Visualization in Skatepark Planning

with Toronto Skatepark Committee

Powers of Kin

A large-scale projection presented at the cinesphere at Ontario Place that explored the idea of the the Anthropocene


A workshop series for creative and critical approaches to storytelling, through essayistic filmmaking driven by motion-capture data.

Diagrams of Power 2018

Exhibition of critical visualization practices

Tree Temporality

Speculative exploring of the more-than-human, public art, natural and urban environments

Everything in Place

Multichannel video installation by artists Patrick Cruz, Serena Lee and Casey Mecija.

Parkdale Gentrification Visualization

Building capacity to resist and represent displacement


Massive interactive installation showing rendering the anthropocene visible

Ipperwash Beach Walk on the Insitu Data Stories Platform

Locative media project retelling history of colonization at Ipperwash